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 General Questions about Game

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PostSubject: General Questions about Game   Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:43 am

"Why the hell do I only have 3 skills?"
- Talk to Duey in Henesys, and go max your skills.

"I got banned for no reason, Can show you my side of the story and give my appeal?"
- Go to and follow the format to make a ban appeal

I just saw a noob hacking, Where can I report it?
- Well, if you are still in-game, right click him and report him!
- Whisper a gm that is on; If a GM is not online, or you lost him, make sure you got a screenshot and report it in

"My maplestory hangs at the Login screen"
- Please have patience and wait for a few minutes, it will login eventually. The server is experiencing a max number of people and you are in line to log in

"Why is it telling me that I cannot login?"
- The server is down, either for fixing/upgrading or for new additions.

These are the beginning list of general question, it will be edited later!

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General Questions about Game
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