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 Josh for GM!!!IGN(Josh)

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PostSubject: Josh for GM!!!IGN(Josh)   Fri Dec 26, 2008 3:57 am



Time Zone:EST

Experience with Maple (private or nexon):ive been playing Maple since Beta and i started playing ps last summer ive GMed on 6 servers and 1 of them was pro which most of u know all ready.but other than those 6 servers i GMed on ive played 26 yea im pretty exp. with maple.

Experience with Java:i have none

Important Info not cover:I get along with everyone on the server and i love to help people.I also love to host events when people acually listen.well thats about it.

If you were a trial, what could you promise to the server and the members? How would you follow what you promise... (list details and action plans)
1.I would promise as many events as john will let me do per day.
2.Answer all the whisper the public has to ask about the game
3.Be active
4.I wouldnt abuse my powers
5.Try my hardest to make fair events
6.Wouldnt cuss at players........and i would follow what i promise by getting a chance at trial
well guys if u have any questions just ask and i will answer....GL to everyone running
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PostSubject: Re: Josh for GM!!!IGN(Josh)   Fri Dec 26, 2008 12:18 pm

LMAOO JOSH!! I LUV UR DP! ... =P wow it wuld be so romantic if u made it... O-o AND LOL! <3 PASSED DEADLINE! tehe <3
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Josh for GM!!!IGN(Josh)
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