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 Mike's Gm Application (xVietRoyalty) :D

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Mike's Gm Application (xVietRoyalty) :D Empty
PostSubject: Mike's Gm Application (xVietRoyalty) :D   Mike's Gm Application (xVietRoyalty) :D EmptyThu Jan 22, 2009 1:52 pm

Name:Michael Nguyen

Age:15 :D

Time Zone:(GMT-5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

With Maple (Private Or Nexon): I've played Global Maple for 2-3 Years I quit GMS for private servers. I've been playing private servers since October and i love it! the servers i have played before are Pro-Ms,and currently ABMs right now.

Experience With Java:I currently have no experience with Java and i'm willing to give it a try and learn what i have to do.

Important Info not Covered: I'm a fun and outgoing asian person. I love to work with other people and try to solve things if they're are any problems. I'm very friendly, loving and caring to all people. Very active on ABMs almost on every single day! Also i'm very patient when i don't have anything on my hands. I usually get everything done but i procrastinate alot xD and i love sleeping :P When i have free time on my hands i love to go out and hang with my friends at the mall and get into trouble sometimes not most of the time though :D and last thing is i love to talk alot!

If you were a trial, what could you promise to the server and the members? How would you follow what you promise... (list details and action plans): I would love to take time out of my life to create events for our members of ABMs. I will also provide more help as I don't see those quite often. Also I would love to help people out by co-operating with each other. I would even help out to banning the hackers to make our server a better place to play at. So that is all for me! Whoever is picking Trial Gm Spot John Or other Gm's Of ABMs i hope u would consider me for trial gm i would love to take on this role of GM. Also I would promise to give love and respect for this server.And one more thing it may seem im desperate for gm but im not really that desperate i just wanna try and take on a brand new opportunity as a gm in my maple career, also as flawed as it seems as my behaviour in maple, i might not be the best GM but im willing to take a shot at it and try my best willingfully and John if you are reading this i'm not as mean as I am in the server i can adjust my behaviour in order to take on this role! :D Have A Good Day People :] p.s. I would also encourage my friends of GMS to join our lovely private server to increase our gamer population :D
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Mike's Gm Application (xVietRoyalty) :D
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