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 Application to be a gm

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PostSubject: Application to be a gm   Fri Jan 23, 2009 3:38 pm

Name & Ign:
Name is Jordan, My ign is JordanxD
Age: 14 Years
Experience with Maple:I have been playing maplestory for 3 and a half years, i never was a gm, i hope this trial is successful and that this will be my first time, i am very co-operative and follow rules and regulations
Experience with Java: Not so experienced as Maple, but im a fast learner i can learn about it Angel
Important info not cover: 14 years old, I live in Jordan In the middle east, a small country maybe not many people heard of it.I like to help people when they are in need. I do all what i can to help.
If i was i trial i would promise people events, help with all there needs lets say info about maple or the server, and if i give my word to someone about a certain subject, i will follow it, i am a man of my word and i dont break my promises to anyone even if he/she has mis-treated me in a bad way. A promise stays a promise.
Example: Lets say the server was very active, and not many gms we're on or that they we're afk, i would make an event as to cheer up the active people. And Help people with there needs.I will be friendly to all, and i will not be friendly to hackers, or people that try to mess up the server, i can be very strict at that kind of people. I always seek for improvements. Not only for myself but for other people too. I would love to be a gm, it would be a great honor for me to be a gm on an AWESOME server. And i will do all what i can to help people and make them happy. :) Smile

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Application to be a gm
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