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 Hobo's gm appliaction

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PostSubject: Hobo's gm appliaction   Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:35 pm

Name: Tony

IGN: Hobo

Age: 14

Time Zone: eastern time

Experience with Maple (private or nexon): played gms for a little over one year. Played ps for 1 month.

Experience with Java: None

Important Info not cover: I'm a fun and nice guy. I love helping people and training them. I can also be serious when i need
to be.

If you were a trial, what could you promise to the server and the members?
How would you follow what you promise... (list details and action plans)

I would promise the server to be on a lot. I would help who ever needs help. I will be willing to track hackers and ban them when necesary. I promise I won't abuse the job of gm. I will host many fun events to please the players. I wil also try to get many people to start playing anti babo. I will do everything fairly no matter what. Thanks for reading!
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Hobo's gm appliaction
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