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 Smoochies' Gm Application

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Headline : o-o Hola?
Location : Canada
Job : POOP SCOOPER! o-o kiddin...
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PostSubject: Smoochies' Gm Application   Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:01 pm

Name & IGN: Michelle - IGN = Smoochies (AKA Bob :D)

Age: 12

Time Zone: EST (:

Experience with Maple (private or nexon): I've played GMS for 4 years. Private Servers For about Almost 1 Year.

Experience with Java: None, But Could Learn

Important Info not cover: Erm...I listen to instructions and I have experience in Private Servers.

If you were a trial, what could you promise to the server and the members? How would you follow what you promise... (list details and action plans) If i were a trial gm, I could promise the server, fun, events, I'll listen to all their questions and answer them. I would also make sure everything is fair. I won't cheat. I'll try to get more people to play AntiBaboMS. I'll post more in the forums. I'll try my best to make sure I don't make any mistakes. If there are any problems, they could ask me.
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Smoochies' Gm Application
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