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 Guess who? It's .. POOH.

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Headline : Hand over that strawberry ice cream & nobody gets hurt!
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PostSubject: Guess who? It's .. POOH.   Tue Feb 03, 2009 6:00 am

So those of you who knew me in Pro, I JOINED THE SERVER.
I can sense the excitement.
Bows bows* Smile
I know you guys are happy, but stop it with the clapping! Haha, jk. Wink

But for those who don't know me ..
Hi, my name is Ellen; but some call me Ellerrs 'cause .. it looks sexier?
I like to introduce myself as NoobFace on Maplestory. Smile
I'm currently 16 (Junior/11th grade in High School).
I live in San Francisco, California. Born & raised. Total city girl.<3
Let's play a guessing game .. I bargain like hell (well, online; not real life); I like to take extra of things (i/e napkins, straws); I'm currently taking AP Calculus. What am I? Drumrolls * .. ASIAN. Yeah, hahah.
I love strawberries; strawberry ice cream, strawberry candy, strawberry jam, strawberry GUMMIS (cough, Angi* HAHA), chocolatecoveredstrawberries, younameit.
I have about 2inchbelowshoulder-length hair (ever since i cut it Sick) with side bangs, undyed; naturally black-brown.
I'm like totally blind; I wear contacts. If I didn't have contacts on, I'd probably get run over by a car LOL.
Sanrio's Kuromi & Cinnamon Roll <3, Poohbear & Tigger<3, Pikachu& Squirtle& Bulbasaur& Charmander<3
I'm not even gonnaa liee - I'm a ditzy, clumsy dork & I'm proud of it (except when I trip up the stairs or bump into walls unexpectedly).
I put stickers on everything; my ipod, cellphone, even my computer. You'll probably find some more under tables, beds, desks from when I was at a young age. Shocked
I love shopping; I hate the walking & waitinginline parts.
I LOVE MY FAMILY even if we constantly argue.
Internet is a must in my world. So is eating. And sleeping.. ish.
I get sick fairly easily.
I've made many major mistakes in the past, and it comes to bite me often; but I try hard @ school & in life despite the obstacles. Completed my 2008 resolutions: Quit drinking, at least 3.5 gpa, make my mama proud. Smile
2009 resolutions: Maintain at least 3.5 gpa, pass ap exam, get a summer job.
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PostSubject: Re: Guess who? It's .. POOH.   Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:12 pm

Welcome Ellen :)
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Guess who? It's .. POOH.
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