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Donation List Empty
PostSubject: Donation List   Donation List EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 11:40 pm

$1: 20 White Scrolls

$1: NX Cash Item of your choice

$1: 1 Slot added to any In Game item you provide besides items in Donation list.

$2: Spiegelmann Necklace (5 slots) (Works with Dragon Stone!!)

$3: 7 GM scroll of your choice

$3: Name Change (the name must not exist ingame already)

$3: 1 slots to any in game items you provide (including donation items)

$4: 50,000 NX Cash and 1 NX Item of your Choice

$5: 10 Dragon Stone

$5: Spiegelmann Necklace (5 slots) (works with Dragon Stone!!)and 10 Dragon Stone.

$5: 1 Legendary Item of your choice.

$7: Bow-Tie (7slots)(Red,Green,Yellow,Pink,Black, and Blue) (works with Dragon Stone)

$10: Bow-Tie (7slots) of your choice and 7 Dragon Stone to scroll your Bow-tie.

$10: Horntail Necklace(10slots)

$12: 30 Weapon Attack added to an equipment YOU provide (Can be done as
many times as you want, No slots taken, NO NX EQUIPMENT!)

$15: Horntail Necklace(10slots), 10 Dragon Stone, and 5 GM scrolls

$20: 5 10% Scrolled items(equipment that you provide only).

$25: 75 GM Srolls

$60: Zhelm (1) with GM Hat stats + 45 Weapon AND Magic attack.
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Donation List
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