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 The Forum Rules

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PostSubject: The Forum Rules   Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:43 am

Please Consider the Following before posting any post

Please read these rule before posting.

-- New threads should have a reason for being posted. Ask yourself: is it necessary for it to be posted? will it affect just yourself
-- Don't make a topic saying you want to become a Moderator or Admin. We have a section for the application, there will be notice in advance for application.
-- Replies should be constructive or informative and add something to the conversation, please do not repeat what you are saying over and over again.
-- Criticizing spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization should be done politely and constructively.
-- Use of proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization will make your posts easier to read and a way of respect.
-- This forum is English, so if you wish to make a post, try to make it english.
-- One worded post's are not usaully welcome here, refrain from posting a one worded post's unless it is really necessary. (Ex: Locked, updated, yes, no. Etc....)
-- If you are going to post something that seem's inapproparite, or not suitable for children. Add a [18+] tag or [NSFW] (Not Safe For Work) to warn in advance
-- People dont like it when you flame other's, so keep it to a minimum, or try to keep it as a clean flame.
-- Disrespecting a Staff member, or insulting a Staff member can lead to a temporary ban. A permanent ban if you make it a repeative action.
-- You must have fun. Seriously, what is a forum without fun?
-- You may not advertise a web-site that does not contort [follow] or contribute to our server or any topic of the forums.
-- No one want's to see 18 smilies in one post. Unless you are writing a big post, and put smilies in between, dont put more than three or will lean to post being deleted.
-- Unless your profile/account has a certain color, or rank in it, dont act like it does. In order words: Let the moderators do their jobs.
-- Please read all stickies and announcements, before you post something in a forum. You could miss out on a rule, or what you are suppose to read.
-- Do NOT post in other people's ban appeal/staff application. It will result in a deletion of your post.
-- Check to make sure if the topic you are posting, is in the right forum.
-- Please remember, that not all staff member's are GM's. Even though most of them are. So please dont PM one, unless you know for sure that person is a GM.
-- Refrain from talking about illegal things (selling drug, weapons etc)
-- If you are banned, please try to stay banned. If you come back and are caught, you will be banned again and it will be ip banned

Credit: SacredZap's Post in a different forum

Rewards & Punishment will be given out according to actions...


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The Forum Rules
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