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 How To Install AntiBaboMs

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PostSubject: How To Install AntiBaboMs   Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:22 am

Many people who are new to the private server will have no clue how to install it...

Well, here is the step to step guide to installing

1. Verifying you have Maplestory V.55 Folder
- if you dont have maplestory v.55, you can download in the following link

2. Downloadin Game Client
- to download the game client underneath the v.55 game file
- once you hit the download, you will get a save as pop up and u can either save it on the desktop or in the v.55 folder

3. Installing (for Vista & Xp users)
- once you have download it, the file will be located on the desktop or in the v.55 folder which is shown below
- if your antibaboms exe is saved on the desktop, you can either drag the icon into the v.55 folder or copy it

4. Running
- Remember, when you have the antibaboms exe inside the v.55 folder, remember to click on that instead of the maplestory global v.55 version icon or else it will not run and you will be encountering lots of problems (such as patching for upgrade for ur v.55)

If any more questions happen, please refer back to the Help Section of the forum for details information!

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How To Install AntiBaboMs
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