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PostSubject: FAQ -- READ HERE FIRST   Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:36 am

Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

"When i click on my antibaboms client, it said unable to connect to the server"
- To fix it: please wait for 15-30 minutes or restart your internet
- It could be because your internet is turned off somehow or the server is going through a restart or an update, so please check back at the new and announcment section for more details before posting an help section
- For VISTA users you should always remember, to run these kinds of applications, you need to right click the application, then click "run as administrator" then allow it or press ok.

"When I log in. On the character screen, I click my character then it DCs and it says unable to connect to server"
To fix it: I'm sorry but there isn't an instant fix. However, you can wait for the next server reboot.
Reason: i DO know that it might be a temporary account bug or area bug as sometimes, if you go into a bugged map and log off, you might not be able to log in again or it just because the server is crowded, so just wait for a while and try relog in

" OMG, I trained up to level 190 then when i logged on back, it was only level 168 T.T"
To fix it: You can't really fix it. Perhaps you can train again xD!
Reason: It is called a rollback.This might happen if you did not log off safely during the server check or you just DCed. This rarely happens when you DC.

"I open AntiBaboMS client and then the screen flashes black and closes or says an error"
To fix it: Get v0.55 maple. Not any other version or it might be your graphic card. IT might also be a program conflict. Turn off any program that might conflict with it
Reason: Wrong version: Stupid graphic card or stupid firewall or antivirus that is blocking you from starting the game

Maplestory doesn't load!
- This can be caused by a number of problems.
1. Wrong version, Must be Maplestory .55
2. Bad drivers, update your video card drivers.
3. Your not using DirectX8 or higher? Update it
4. You're using DXWnd on vista maybe. DXWnd doesn't work too well on some computers, try to just use Pro-MS.exe

"Why do i constantly dc when i attack in water"
- There is a glitch on the server that has to do with that, try to stay away from it

"Why do i dc constantly"
- The server is still bugged with dcing, so be patient and just log back in
- or it could be because something is blocking the program (check firewall & antivirus)

"Where do i buy the common things"
- There is a seller at FM (Fredrick) that sells common items

"Where do i get my 1st job and where do i get the weapons"
- 1st job is achieved at the city your job is located and weapons are sold at the Nana Fairy in that city (e.g. Theif job - Kerning City, Fairy Nana in Kerning City sells weapons)

"Are there any pet sellers"
- Doofus in Henesys sells all kinds of pet
- Pet food are the food you use to feed the pet in the Pet Use section
- There are no actual Pink Pet Food for now (must be updated)

"How do i go from one town to another"
- Type in @spinel for the map warpers

"Are there daily events"
- Yes, GM will host daily events (be prepared)

"My Account said it is log in, but i'm not"
- Solution, go to and log into ur character and click on character fix and then click on "id already logged on", then it shud be able to log you in

Hope Most of the General Questions are ANSWERED, if not, feel free to post up any additional questions

Credit: SacredZap Posts
Updated December 02, 2008
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