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 xFallenAngel's GM Application (Kathy)

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PostSubject: xFallenAngel's GM Application (Kathy)   Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:34 pm

Name & IGN: Kathy=xFallenAngel

Age: 14

Time Zone: EST

with Maple (Private or Nexon): I have lots of experience with both
Private Servers and Nexon. I played Global MS for 1 and 1/2 years. I've
played private servers for about 4 months, playing on Pro-MS, a little
bit of Ancient MS, Carestory, and NerdzPwnMS. Also CitrixMS.

Experience with Java: I have no idea what your talking about, but I'm willing to learn. LOL!

Info Not Covered: I'm not really mean, even if I am pissed, I never F7,
which proves I don't like being mad basically because F7ing ish REALLY
UGLY. I play mostly on weekends and holidays and I'm usually on around
3:00 PM EST. I don't say alot of bad words, I try to help out the new
people that join, even if I'm not a GM, I donate alot (Angi knows), I'm
helpful, and I love doing helpful things. I also don't really seem that
I'm really weird, I just like being funny and friendly to put a smile
on people's faces. :D Ewh, that was corny LOL.

If you were a
trial, what could you promise to the server and the members? How would
you follow what you promise... (list details and action plans): I would
basically try to co-operate with the GMs, especially Angi because she's
awesome, try to satisfy what the Maplers need (No Sex Requests), host
alot of events so every Mapler has a chance to get what they want,
introduce this Private Server to the newer Maplers that are not
familiar with this Server,
do my best to track down and ban the hackers who are poisoning our
community, answer the questions and clarify what is important, and as a
GM I'll try and not be too nice so I'm fair to everybody. I'll persevere (Keep Trying) to keep this Server under
control, friendly, and a place that is equal, and does not look at us
and say, "Ew that guy ish fat." I'll do my best to make this Server a
safe yet FUN AND FUNNY community YAY! :D By the way, I'm as flawed as any other human being, so I might not be the best GM but I'll try. If you guys think I'm not good enough, I understand. Please just consider one of the people who seem to be appropriate. GO VAN AND KARL AND MEL AND OTHER PEOPLE APPLYING THAT IS ON MY BUDDY LIST! I BELIEVE IN YOU! :O
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xFallenAngel's GM Application (Kathy)
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